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“I’ve done business with Derrick for years. He is one of the most trustworthy people I know. Hire him to remodel your house and he will exceed your expectations. You’ll end up with a friend out of the deal too!” – Zach Doty, Owner of DotyEnterprises, 208-457-2226

“Derrick’s work ethic, honesty, and attention to detail is incredible. I know this personally as he has done both minor repairs and major remodels on my rental homes. I will never use any other professional as he has proven himself time and time again.”  – Jo  Bunney- Owner/VP  R’nR RV Center

“Derrick is just about the best guy I’ve ever met. I thought my kitchen was going to take a year to get done when in reality it only took about 3 weeks, and the whole time was a joy for me and my dogs, we love him and if I ever need anything done in my house again, I know who to call. I know I can trust him to do a wonderful job. He will even go the extra mile and wipe your dogs paws if theyre muddy when they come in!!! Hands down the best guy ever!! Thanks a million Derrick!! We will miss ya!” – Lindsae

“Derrick has remodeled five of my houses so far, and i gotta tell you all – HE IS THE BEST! He remodels and repairs like each project is his own personal home, simply amazing! The work is superb, price is super reasonable, and I recommend him to any and all. Rare gems like this man don’t come along every day. Any project you need, he’ll make it beautiful! I love his work to well, I’ll stand by it anytime, got questions, email me jbunney@rnrrv.com. Cheers!!!

Derrick is one of the most AMAZING guys that has ever done work for us. Not only was he very honest, he was also very kind and did the best job ever! we have already recommended him to our friends and family! Looking forward to our next project with him. Thanks Derrick for the quick fix on my poor door! Dawn C.

Big Dog Home & Business Services, LLC owner Derrick Mclauchlin was an excellent choice for finishing my basement. He was very careful and detailed in the bid, and was the ONLY bidder who broke out each expense by material and labor. This goes a long way with me in knowing where exactly my money was going. Strangely enough, ALL other bidders just sent me a cost, with no breakdown, some didn’t even send me a bid, just a phone call. I called and had 5 contractors bid on this job, and Derrick was the one I chose. I would recommend this contractor to anyone, and I will be using him for other jobs on my home.
Marcus Noll – February 25, 2011

I would recomend Derrick McLauchlin to anyone who needs any remodeling done. I recently had him remodel my kitchen and it turned out wonderful. His work is great and he is tidy. He’s always on time and goes right to work, very kind and easy to talk to. My very first remodeling experience went great. My husband and I have decided to remodel both bathrooms and wouldn,t have anyone but Big Dog Home & Business Services do the work.

Chuck & Lorna N. February 17.2012

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